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Who We Are


Jaditoner is a new front for our sister company, Jadi Imaging Technologies (‘Jadi’) that is the aftermarket toner manufacturer of the products and services offered throughout every Jaditoner’s e-commerce platform. Standing by Jaditoner’s slogan “Your Value Alternative”, we are a team of diverse individuals who understand and strives to exceed your expectations in the aftermarket printing industry.



The past years have seen numerous consolidations in the aftermarket printing industry arising from the result of a maturing industry. Laser toners, cartridges, and spare parts are becoming commoditized due to heavy price competition. Some industry players are going to the extent of reducing product quality to save costs, with the sole purpose of competing in terms of pricing. Other than consumers, Jadi has also been a victim of such practices. Toners are often blamed for inconsistent printout quality due to defects or poor quality of cartridges and spare parts.


From our industry experience, we aim to rectify the stereotypes by breaking out of the norm. Creating Jaditoner was our first step in expanding the business beyond traditional models, followed by the 5 values that we stand by:


1. Customer experience is everything - In every decision we make, your satisfaction in our products and services precedes everything else.  

2. Democracy is the way to go - We work in a collaborative environment – we believe that combined effort brings about better products and services.  

3. Practice breeds perfection - Striving for a higher goal is a habit for us so that we are always better at what we do.  

4. It is best to do one thing really well - Jaditoner will be the one-stop solution for the aftermarket printing industry.  

5. Solving problems is a daily goal - We see progress as a cycle – we accept failures and improve from them.  


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