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Shopping Guide

Order & Checkout

1. Search for your product(s)

In your disposal, use our search function or category filters to seek for your product(s) within seconds!


2. Check product information

Before adding product(s) to cart, ensure that the product description, specifications, quantity, and packaging adhere to your needs.  


3. Confirm shopping cart

Do not forget to check your shopping cart so that you have all your products added. If you would like to amend the quantity, you could do so while viewing your shopping cart.


4. Register or log into your account

Before you can move on to making payment, Jaditoner requires all customers to have an account with us.


5. Check order information

Once logged into your account, please check that your personal details, delivery address, and payment details are all updated and accurate. Any delays or non-delivery of goods will be subjected to the policies in Terms of Use.


6. Choose payment method

In Jaditoner, we understand the needs of business customers who make large sum of payments for the goods. Other than offering PayPal, we do accept Telegraphic Transfer from customers.


7. Place your order

Prior to placing your order, customers are encourage to review your order summary including delivery address and payment details to ensure a smooth shopping experience for you.


8. Receive order confirmation

Once we have reviewed your order, an “Order Confirmation” email will be sent to you indicating that we have received your order. 


Post Checkout

1. Order confirmation

Order has been received and pending review by one of our staff.


2. Order processing

Payment received. Order is being processed and goods are being packed for dispatch.


3. Order dispatched

Goods have been dispatched from warehouse with chosen shipping method and provider.


4. Order delivered

Goods have been delivered and signed by the cutomer. 


5. Order review

To receive feedback from the customer or future orders!


Should you require more information, feel free to contact us here.